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Buying a home on an overheated housing market

Finding your dream home in Rotterdam isn’t that difficult, but buying it can be. Generally speaking, you won’t be the only one with their eye on your prize. And what do you actually know about the property? The good, the bad and the ugly! That’s why it’s important to keep a cool head on a housing market as overheated as Rotterdam’s.

Get Minke Makelaardij’s advice first!

When we first get acquainted, I’ll make a note of all your wishes and requirements and explain exactly how I’ll set to work on your behalf. We’ll also discuss what’s feasible given your budget and some of the issues you’ll often encounter while house-hunting.


As a buying agent, I specialise in assessing properties’ structural states and their actual market values. And I’ll keep a sharp ear and eye out on your behalf to make sure the selling agent is providing you with all the information you need. For example, in Rotterdam you’ll need to be particularly wary about the state of a property’s foundations. It’s these issues that I’ll investigate for you in the minutest detail.

What do I bring to the table?

First and foremost, as a buying agent, I offer peace of mind and expert advice, especially in these turbulent times. And I help you make the right decisions.


What’s more, by maintaining excellent business relations in and around Rotterdam, I often get to hear about things sooner than other estate agents. For example, properties about to come on to the market, pitfalls you may encounter along the way or simply the best negotiation tactics in a given situation.


And as a Rotterdammer born and bred, there’s no one who can tell you more about the practical side of living in Rotterdam than me, for example its neighbourhoods, schools, shops, amenities, public transportation, accessibility …


But I’ll tell you more about all this when me meet.

Minke Makelaardij – at home in Rotterdam

I’m a Rotterdammer born and bred, and my love for my work stems from my love for this wonderful city and its profusion of properties and public spaces – pre-war, post-war, modern, with and without defects …


With a blueprint of the whole of Rotterdam in my head (and heart), rest assured I’ll find and get you that dream home you’ve been looking for!


Het monumentale Atlantic Huis in het Scheepvaartkwartier

Find out more about how I work on your behalf!

324 homes already bought

I’ll gladly help you find and buy a dream home within your budget. Think of me as your go-to expert on all matters housing-related! For example, whatever you want to know about the neighbourhood where a property is located, what the state of its foundations is like, whether the price is right, or how to arrange financing.


First and foremost, it’s vital that I understand what you want, but also what you don’t want. Once I’ve got a clear picture, I can target exactly what you’re looking for.



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